Monday, September 12, 2011

On sharpening of knives...

Ever heard that sharpening knives can be extremely meditative process?

It is true. I have just spent 2 hours sharpening knives which included half a dozen kitchen knives and my carry-around Spyderco Military, latter taking up a better half of mentioned time.

It has actually given me a feeling of serenity, I felt calm and almost refreshed.

With Lansky knife sharpener kit about everyone can imagine themselves a master armourer, since it lets you keep the same angle while working on the blade. You can also select from a number of angles to sharpen the knife to, depending on intended application.

Here is the knife after last sharpening. Spyderco sharpen their knives in 3-1 manner, one side of the edge thinner than another. I failed to observe that back when I started caring for the knife, so its just ordinary 20 degrees sharpened edge now.

Here is 1:1 macro of the edge to give a better idea of what it looks like now:

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