Monday, May 17, 2010

Amazing stuff - OpenStreetMap, NaviComputer, Holux M1000C

I bought a chineese Holux M1000C GPS reciever / logger and set up my prehistoric Acer n311 to run NaviComputer on it. OpenStreetMap is an amazing thing, as much as NaviComputer is.

I hope my problems of finding my way around are gone for good. I`ll make sure to toss it into a car and will also take it on my trips for sure.

For now this is my typical track from home to work that i cycle twice a day on weekdays ( unless I`m too lazy and take subway instead )

Interesting fact: My average speed on a bicycle is 1 km/h more than it is when I`m struggling with traffic in my car! And it is 30% faster to cycle than take a subway.

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